• August 2018:
    modzilla films is currently producing a documentary film about Super Yachts/ Explorer Yachts
  • March 2016:
    promoting the upcoming UEFA EURO 2016, modzilla films is now offering a large variety of fan footage shot in HD, 4K and 5K, picturing international soccer fans "in action" All copyrights for the footage including necessary fan model releases can be obtained from modzilla films. For our trailer, please click here: VIDEO
  • 2015:
    modzilla films is currently starting pre-production for a feature length documentary film on unexplained mysteries & paranomal activities
  • 2014:
    we have completed shooting and post-production of our vast selection of soccer fan footage shot at the FIFA WORLD CUP 2014
  • March 2014:
    modzilla films is creating a high end documentary featuring Don Walsh, taking him on a new deep sea dive with legendary, newly rebulit submersible ALVIN
  • November 2013:
    modzilla film has returned from a successful shoot in California with deep sea pioneer Don Walsh
  • June 2013:
    Together with the renowned Institute 'Senat der Wirtschaft', a global economic network of leaders from business, science, politics and society, modzilla films is developing a film for the 'World Forest Foundation', a global initiative designed to cushion the dramatic effects of the climate change. Advisor on the film is Prof. Schellnhuber from the 'Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research'.
  • There is a great deal of mystery surrounding Whale Sharks due to the difficulty in studying them. modzilla films follows the migration ways of these fascinating animals by visiting stunning sites worldwide and talking to oceanographers around the globe. Shooting starts autumn 2012
  • modzilla films has been invited to participate at the '4. Woche der Umwelt' hosted by the German Federal President at 'Schloss Bellevue' to speak about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster and the upcoming documentary film
  • From May 17th-19th 2012, modzilla films participated at the international conference 'Vision Summit' in Potsdam, a platform designed to discuss social innovation, eco business & social entrepreneurship
  • On April 27th 2012, modzilla films has recorded interviews and great, swampy soul grooves of the up and coming rock band 'Alabama Shakes' at 'Magnet Club', Berlin for channel ARTE.
  • April 19th: Beatrice Tillmann talks live on 'Deutschlandradio Kultur' about her experiences in the Gulf of Mexico while shooting "Deepwater Horizon- The Aftermath". The program is aired on April 19th at 9:00 am
  • April 15th: Beatrice Tillmann has closed a distribution deal for the US with First Run Features, New York for the release of the award winning documentary "Pianomania". For US - playdates, please visit: FIRSTRUNFEATURES
  • April 2011: following MIPTV market in Cannes, France, modzilla films has signed a distribution deal with TVF International, London for its latest production "Deepwater Horizon- The Aftermath"
  • April 8th: "Pianomania", directed by Robert Cibis & Lilian Franck and internationally distributed by Beatrice Tillmann, has won the German film award "Lola" in the category “Best Sound Editing”. Congratulations to the sound team: Ansgar Frerich, Niklas Kammertöns, Sabine Panossian, Ina Nikolow and Benedikt David. For more informations about the film- including an overview about the many awards it has won so far - please visit: OVAL FILM
  • From April 4th - April 8th 2011, Modzilla Films will be presenting its latest production "Deepwater Horizon: The Aftermath" at MIPTV market, Cannes The film discovers the shocking longterm effects of the oil spill in the Golf of Mexico. For more informations, please click on 'productions' on top of this site.
  • April 2011: Beatrice Tillmann has secured the theatrical distribution in France for the award winning film "Kinshasa Symphony". The film will be released in France in September 2011.
  • March 2011: 'Kinshasa Symphony' has been nominated for the prestigious German film award 'Deutscher Filmpreis'!
  • February 2011: Modzilla Films has entered the postproduction for "Deepwater Horizon- The Aftermath"
  • In January 2011, Beatrice Tillmann has successfully returned from a shoot in he Gulf of Mexico on the research vessel "Atlantis", submarine "Alvin" and from the coast of Louisiana, documenting the devastating long term effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill 2010
  • May 2010: Attending the Cannes Film Festival 2010, Beatrice Tillmann has closed deals for the theatrical distribution of the award winning documentary "Kinshasa Symphony" in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg with Paradiso Filmed Entertainment, Amsterdam
  • Beatrice Tillmann is currently distributing the award winning documentary film 'Kinshasa Symphony' which opens in German theatres on September 23rd 2010. For more information about the film please visit: KINSHASA SYMPHONY
  • Beatrice Tillmann is currently distributing the award winning film 'PianoMania' produced by Oval Film. The film will be screened at the 60th Berlinale Film Festival (11.02.-21.02.10) and has already recieved a number of festival invitations and audience awards.
  • in October 2009, modzilla films has enjoyed a successful MIPCOM market in Cannes/ France and is currently preparing the first episode of the "Legendary Music Clubs ", featuring the Marquee Club/ London
  • in March 2009, modzilla films will attend MIPTV market in Cannes, France
  • modzilla films has enjoyed a successful and productive MIPCOM market in Cannes, October 2008, meeting up with broadcasters & buyers, producers & distributers from the US, Canada, England, France, Wales, Brazil and Germany.
  • modzilla films just signed a co-production agreement with ATN Spain in order to co- produce a documentary film about Roman Emperor and King of Spain, Charles V
  • "TERRY CALLIER - Live in Berlin" was admitted to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris as "a programme of national value"
  • the program has also been admitted to the 'Library of Congress', Washington, USA