about modzilla films

modzilla films is a Berlin based production company founded by producer/director Beatrice Tillmann in 2005. It develops & produces high end documentary films and concert footage in HD (High Definition) quality. HDTV-Gigs is a division of modzilla films which covers concerts and music events in HD format to provide the viewer the best possible experience of a live concert.

modzilla productions have been sold to various public & private TV stations, reaching more than 15 countries - including Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, UK, Japan, USA and New Zealand. Broadcasters include: arte, NRK, Mezzo TV, Britsh Sky Broadcasting and ARD.

Beatrice Tillmann studied Acting, Directing and Writing in Paris (France) with Philippe Gaulier, Jacques Lecoq and Ariane Mnouchkine ('Theatre du Soleil’). Subsequent to this, she studied Theater, Film and Political Science (M.A.) at the Freie Universität, Berlin. In 2004, she completed a master program for Producers/ Executive Producers at the iSFF Institute, Berlin. Since 1994 she has been working as a free-lance author, director and producer for various public TV Stations and productions for theatrical release.

For the past years, Beatrice Tillmann has been developing documentary films for foreign production companies in Europe, the US, Canada and New Zealand as a script advisor and executive producer. This includes working for: Image & Compagnie (Serge Moati)/ Paris, Radio Canada/ Toronto, Radio France, Red Sky Film & Television/ New Zealand, Wilderfilms/ UK and KPMG/ UK. Beatrice Tillmann has worked as a translator for the film industry, translating various scripts and dubbing feature films and documentaries such as 'Independence Day', 'La Haine', 'Dragonheart', 'The Simpsons', 'What the Bleep Do We Know?!', 'Mana-Beyond Belief' and 'Down the Rabbit Hole – Bleep II '.