Terry Callier - Live in Berlin

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Director / Producer: Beatrice Tillmann
Shot in High-Definition/ 5.1 Dolby Digital
Distributed by Universal Music (DVD)
For 60 min version (TV program/sales)
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about Terry Callier (1945-2012)

Three generations of listeners have been turned on to the music of mystic singer/songwriter Terry Callier. During the 1960s, concerts at the "Bitter End" New York, made him a leading figure in the early folk boom. In the 1970s, recordings for Chess/Cadet crystallised his style - a unique brand of soul, folk, jazz and a deeply moving poetry. Callier then took his leave from the music business for almost 20 years, following a series of disillusioning experiences amid the disco-craze and in the music business.In the Mid-1990s disco was over and London based DJs like Eddie Pillar and Gilles Peterson were looking for outstanding musicians and original tunes. Callier was awakened from his musical coma and the overwhelming success of his concerts led to new record deals including cooperations with Paul Weller, Gran Tourism, Zero7 and Massive Attack. "Terry Callier- Live in Berlin" now covers the unique work of this legendary singer/songwriter for the first time on film and DVD.

Says David Crosby :" He and I lived together and sang together for a while with great pleasure. Very talented guy. Great singer. Jesus, could he sing!"

Thank you for the beautiful tunes and your spirit